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AJ.life provides coaching sessions and travel experiences to transform your perspective on life and give you tools for actionable changes.

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Coaching Sessions

Psychology and Goal Setting to tackle various transitions in life that you need help with. Accountability and Trust are the the core of these sessions. 

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Travel to your “uncomfort zone” in a fun way to connect with others, learn a different way to live and discover new perspectives. 

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English Teaching

English conversations for intermediate to advanced speakers who would like to develop vocabulary for social and business interactions. 

NEW 6 Week Coaching Program

The change starts with an open mind, trust and accountability and maybe a little spark that leads to fire.....Join me for guided weekly sessions based on certain transformation topics we explore together.

“I’m an open minded and inquisitive person. My passion is active listening and being curious. For me, wellness coaching is about being a guide and creating space for an open conversation free of judgement or condescension.”

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Tara McClure

How to Keep Everyone Calm during the Holidays

Christmas and kids! Energy levels are at an all time high! Excitement is the current state of being and there’s no stopping this Polar Express from morning to night until the sugar crash around December 26th ish…
Here are some “chill buttons” to help everyone Keep Calm!

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