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Why I left the corporate life in NYC behind 1

Almost 1 year ago I was sitting in a cubical overlooking Manhattan with a view of the picturesque Empire State Building. There could be worse places in the world to have to go to everyday. But I couldn’t help longing for a different life.

I’d been in a finance job for nearly 2 years. I had my routine nailed down to an active healthy lifestyle despite the exorbitant cost of living. I’d fit in a yoga or barre class almost every day at my favorite fitness studio (BYB). I ordered bulk of healthy bowls from the catchy subway ad for Daily Harvest. Which also meant I never really left my desk for lunch. Every Sunday I would go to Trader Joe’s at the minute it opened to avoid the insanity of wrap around the aisle lines and the restricted browsing space. All in all, I loved my life, my friends, the closeness I had with my family, the culture of the city and the feeling of being a local. But my downfall was that I lived in Australia for 6 years previous to my exciting NYC “Sex and the City” life. And that previous “no worries” life did something to my mindset. I remember in my NYC office when people would complain about Aussie office etiquette of not getting back to you the second they sent people down under an email. I would laugh to myself because I had that sense of urgency when I moved there and wondered why they just couldn’t be bothered. I get it now. It’s not that Aussies are lazy, they just work differently. If you want a matter resolved, pick up the phone!!They aren’t hanging around their computer waiting for your urgent email…. they are probably down at the pub for lunch having a good chat with their co-workers. I missed that life and didn’t appreciate it enough when I lived there.

Why I left the corporate life in NYC behind 2

So when the opportunity presented itself to move to Antalya (look at the picture before you judge!) Turkey…. I had to seriously sit with it.

Here’s what was going through my head…

1) I’d be leaving a great paying job in a career that may or may not be what I wanted.
2) I’d be leaving friends, family and a great life for the unknown.
3) I had no kids or husband to think about so I was only responsible for myself.
4) I’ve taken leaps like this before and they have always worked their way out and at the very least I’ve walked away learning so much about myself and life lessons.
5) I trusted my high school best friend living there (the persuasive BFF).
6) I’m 35, I’ve lived in many places including the longest distance away from people I know and also the hardest city to make it in….why not?

Fear and uncertainty led to questions which led to confidence and a sense of freedom in asking myself 3 questions:

  • Would I regret it if I didn’t give it a go?
  • What’s the worst that could happen?
  • And the simple…. Why not?

Undoubtedly, financial savings and a support system played a key role in taking a leap to sell my belongings and quit my job. And a huge thank you to those who have stood by my side to navigate these uncharted waters.

I’ve traveled more than ever before; filling my brand new passport in less than a year. I’ve learned a new language (still trying) and a deeply historic culture that goes back tens of thousands of years. I get to do all the things I love and live a life I never expected. Each day I’m surprised by my courage to be vulnerable and have a beginners mindset.

Why I left the corporate life in NYC behind 3

In my yoga teachings, wellness coaching, and retreat spaces, my intention is to connect and spread the message that it’s ok to reset, explore, and create a journey from wherever you are in life.

Listen to your bravery and not your fear and you’ll learn a hell of a lot.

With Gratitude & 💖

Why I left the corporate life in NYC behind 4

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