These days I see too many kids glued to a screen or screaming their heads off if they don’t get their way. It excites me when I see children’s imaginations run wild while being in nature and running around freely. I think back to my childhood when my parents would let us explore and build forts alone in the woods and say “just be back at dinner time…. ” it just feels like that’s not the case anymore. With helicopter parenting and packed schedules, when do kids find time to be present in the world around them?

I’ve been teaching yoga to kids for a little while now in Greece. I was certified by GoGo Kids Yoga, which has a great variety of teaching methods, stories and games. I feel so connecting with children when they scream, “man this feels so good!!” as they stretch in ways they haven’t before and make shapes of animals with their little bodies.

Here is what I’ve noticed about the benefits of yoga for kids.

  1. Increases balance and flexibility to create healthy habits
  2. Helps to find calm in moments of frustration
  3. Connects their minds with their bodies
  4. Establish positive self talk and confidence building
  5. Concentration on the breath can facilitate better sleeping habits and less tantrums
  6. Participation in a class for more than 30 minutes with the benefit of health is rare in a child’s life – they need an outlet to think and just be present.

I teach adult and kids yoga in Greece and I will be teaching kids yoga at the Euphoria Festival in Lesvos in September (even though my Greek language is pathetic). If you can’t make it – there are tons of great kids yoga programs around the world and I’d be happy to help you connect to one that will be a good fit for your child.

6 benefits of Yoga for KIDS 1

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