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Music gets my blood pumping. I love when I can feel the beats as I go along with my routine. This type of music isn’t for everyone. Some love yoga with mellow music or with no lyrics; perhaps more traditional yoga tunes. I’ve listened to yoga house music ever since I watched my first yoga dvd (I know, I’m dating myself)  MTV yoga with Kristen McGee

So while I put together a yoga series for you on youtube, I thought I’d give you a list of music that I love and that I try to incorporate into my sessions – both private and group. This is a 28 minute playlist on Spotify that you can play from here or follow and add to.  I hope you love it! If you’re looking for some online yoga or other music recommendations, hit me up @aj.instalife or hello@aj.life. 

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The driving force behind AJ.life is committed world nomad Angie Johnson. Her energy goes into creating opportunities for self-awareness and personal growth in everything she does. She uses her education and experience in psychology and coaching to develop tools for connecting mind, body, and total way of being to life purpose.

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