Visions and Commitments in 2020

I’m on a plane! Surprise surprise. Commence feet swelling.

Ok so 2019 was rough and I told myself I was going to do a big decade review but as per usual – life got weird.  It’s only January 11….

I know some of you have been following along with me from different phases of my life. Colorado, Australia, New York and my recent traveling all over. I appreciate you still giving me words of encouragement and support. If you’re new – buckle up. has sort of evolved into a journey of curiosity for me. From coaching, to retreats, to in general – transformation experiences. I recently listened to a TED talk where Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love Lady) said that whoever tries to tell us to follow our passions we should give them the middle finger. Instead, we should follow our curiosity. And whether that leads to our passions or not, so be it. But a life without the pursuit of curiosity is passionless.

Huge confession time. My curiosity has led me to being pretty broke and in debt. So much so that my mother gave me “the power of broke” book for my Christmas present. I moved from a pretty good boring job in NYC with the promise of a contract in Turkey that never happened. I jumped at an opportunity I shouldn’t have. Now I could blame people, places, and circumstances that just didn’t work out… but in reality 2019 was a bunch of failures that somehow a lot of you see as a great way of life. And honestly I have never felt more alive and defeated all at once. It’s led to some very interesting developments.

The thing is, yes it’s stressful to see your bank account completely empty. And depression can creep in, and it did. is not always high on life because that is unrealistic. Sometimes we have to hit bottom to go up.

For me it’s pushing me harder. I desperately want to go out on my 10 hour layover and see Rome. But I have a few things to do to get my head straight in my business and if that means sitting in an airport, then damnit that is what I am going to do (with a yoga break of course – because I brought my mat!) and it’s the best way to reduce swelling in my feet…

The things I’d like to do with this year (and to help those of you who may resonate with this feeling of trying to keep up with the world, follow your dreams and still pay your bills)

  1. Wellbeing through weekly yoga, mindfulness and deep thought provoking questions. Every Wednesday expect a 15-30 minute yoga workout with me even if it’s in an ally behind a dumpster. And what we can learn about calming our minds and connecting to our bodies. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and the more followers the more likely this schedule will continue.
  2. Friday Q&A – people ask me weird questions all the time and I’d like to take the time to answer them. Especially after this bold post. I’ll be doing this on Instagram. @aj.instalife
  3. Dare to be Uncomfortable Workshop – this is going to start on Facebook. (I know – I hate it, too) but the more evolved it gets I would like to transfer it to a better platform that I will not do until my “financial gut” tells me to. Please join the group so we can bring people together from all over the world and talk about how to get out of your comfort zone.
  4. Affiliate myself with culture driven, kind, planet friendly people. I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with so many beautiful souls this past year who are doing amazing things. One of them being my Hindsight Retreat partner – Trang Tran. I’m going to do a huge shout out to her and her planner. Trang is an amazing photographer and has been in wellness as a dietitian for a long time. I love when passions of creativity and the willingness to help others comes together. She has done this with a planner that you can start any time. And I will be using this with my coaching clients. I want to promote more things that are changing the world and perspectives. Whether that is your products/initiatives or my own!
  5. Be totally transparent. I don’t think it’s fair that you think that this kind of work doesn’t come without some side hustles (that are also main hustles) But I’m also passionate about them.  I am working with a wonderful and well traveled executive coach – Claudio Toyama. He wrote a book that is a MUST read – please go to Amazon to get it on Kindle or Paperback (but let’s save trees 😉 ) I am his PR & BD associate and want to get his voice out to the world.

Another venture I have is teaching English. I am doing this online through a platform called “off2class” and this is for private students from all over the world. I recently got TEFL certified and I love to teach while learning other cultures. If you or anyone you know would like to sign up, please visit my Angie Teaches English FB page for more info. 

Side note – I also got offered a job in Athens that is a bit of a process to go through for a visa. Fingers crossed I will be there next month but if it takes some time, IT WILL BE OK 👍🏼

My final note to wrap this up is to say that accountability is key to getting results. I want to be accountable to you. I know this all might seem exhausting (and it is) but can’t sit still. So you’re in for a crazy ride.

Until next week – follow your curiosity!

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