I’m staying in my old neighborhood. Greenpoint, Brooklyn…. amazing little part of NYC that’s got a hipster vibe and incredible view of the Manhattan skyline. It’s been a year and half since I lived here. I gave the stuff I didn’t need to my roommate and she moved in to this cute little apartment right off the G. I can feel the apt rumble a little as the trains go under it. I woke up this morning – LEAP DAY – without a mat but with motivation to move. I looked at some yoga classes. I was about to go to one that was $34 and thought that was a little insane. I’m all about supporting my wellness industry cohorts but I’m also saving for a flight to Italy (I know, I know – Corona Virus!) 

You don’t need a fancy class to do a flow. I sped this up a little but I do my yoga pretty slowly in order to feel EVERY MUSCLE that needs to be worked. For me the feeling of going deeper and more correct in to a pose is so important. I feel the music around me and just go with my emotions and senses. 

Happy Leap Day everyone! I hope 2020 is shaping up to be a productive year. 

And if not, there’s no reason why you can’t end today on a good note and start March 1st with a new awakening and attitude. Today is your cheat day to do something weird, out of the ordinary and excel into March with a new mindset. 

Love you all!


Here is a fun list from Readers Digest of 9 Bizarre Leap Year Facts. 

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