As we sit in our homes and get anxious about all this time we now have, I decided to make a more consistent effort to learn new things every day. Some things on my list: new way to paint, language, recipes, classes online, exercises, and reading. 

Reading for me has always been challenging…not because I can’t read 😉  More because I get so many ideas when I read that it’s hard for me to complete a chapter, let along a whole book. My mind goes off in tangents and it’s like… squirrel! 

I tried audio books but I found I wasn’t concentrating. It’s a great idea to play something in the background while you’re doing chores or driving. But I don’t absorb information that way. 

But I found an amazing way to read an entire book by getting exactly what I need from it. It’s an application called Blinkist and it’s catch line is: Serving Curious Minds. They take entire books and break it down in to “blinks” which are sections of the book that are the key takeaways. 

You can listen to the book’s audio version, read the text… or both which is my favorite way of taking in information. 

Here’s a link to check it out! 

Some of my favorite books so far:

To my readers who may be trying to learn English (because I teach on Cambly) this is a great application to listen and read English to absorb the language. 

If you want to learn English with me, please subscrirbe to Cambly and make a reservation with me. 

Happy Learning!

7 Ways Adults can Reap the Benefits of Reading

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