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The Art of Making Wishes

Birthday candles and shooting stars. This is the remarkably brief summary of what we wish upon. I took this as word growing up and would actively seek out shooting stars in the night sky. Then my dad told me, every time we eat a fruit for the first time in a particular season – we could also make a wish. Yes! I loved this. Come every winter, I’d hold a beautiful, big orange in both hands as if it were precious and life giving, I’d close my eyes, look towards the sky and make a wish. I’d eagerly move through the same sequence of actions for festive fruits – the jewels of the fruit world – cherries, berries, watermelon, sweet melon. In the summer, a colourful array of wishes painted the landscape of my mind.

I never really gave it much thought up until fairly recently, just how integral wishing was to my wellbeing. It brought the energy of hope and vibrancy to my life. It subsided somewhat for a few years – it was piled under new theories and discoveries.

Until it resurfaced when I worked on a farm in Ireland. A 100-acre organic farm tucked into a rural Iandscape not too far from the Celtic coast. The farm sowed, cared for, and harvested fresh produce year-round. I worked here for 5 summers and would assist in minding and harvesting produce. In doing so, I was able to harvest and enjoy fresh produce straight from the plant. This reconnected me to the art form of wishing upon a plant I did so enthusiastically and often as a child.

Making wishes and setting intentions on new moons, full moons is hardly a coincidence. They’re opportunities, checkpoints that offer to bring us into the present. They make you feel lucky. They tune you in to the magic that surrounds us. We are provided with a platform to bring to mind our dreams and desires, I believe it’s a stream of manifestation, of visualisation. It’s a reminder of the power of hope. When I was writing this I actually wrote in brackets next to the word “hope” the following “find synonym for hope?/what’s stronger than hope”. And I think that’s exactly what we’ve lost – the understanding of just how powerful a feeling, how strong an energy hope is.

I’ve put together a little list of ways to integrate wishing into our lives:

  • A tip from my dad, Mr Rodgers – wish on seasonal fruit and veg. What a blessing it is to our bodies. What a miracle it is that fruit can grow from seed
  • New and full moons
  • Sunrises and sunsets
  • Dipping into/swimming in sub 10 degree temperatures. (Swimming at all is one of this life’s greatest illustrations of magic – this alone is justification to celebrate life, set an intention, to make a wish).
  • Make them up. Have fun, enjoy your life, seek out opportunities to bring the energy of hope and luck into your life.


I found that to live life as though everything is a miracle is one of essential nuggets of advice I’ve received. Our good Sir Albert Einstein gifted us with this sage advice and I thank him for it so.

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Monique Angelique Rodgers

Monique Angelique Rodgers

Monique Angelique Rodgers, 28, Movement and Mindfulness Teacher. I was born into and raised by a boisterous Indian family on the tip of the African continent. I decided to study French and Film at University. My somewhat curious Bachelor of Arts degree was supported and even encouraged, by my queen of a mother, the being of light and grace that she is. I lived between France, Ireland and South Africa for 5 years post-graduation. Countries who have, through their landscapes, cultures, communities and histories - woken me up, disciplined me and loved me.I’m currently living in London with my boyfriend, his mum and her 4 cats. I have a deep love for colour, sunrises, wild swimming, and afternoon naps.

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