Cooking in Lockdown

Cooking in Lock-down!

Hi Everyone! 

This is a really rough edit but I wanted to share a simple soup recipe to show you how easy it is to cook great nourishing food and minimise waste while we’re living in these unusual times…I wanted to highlight how simple it is to cook a delicious meal with ingredients that you would otherwise throw out.


You can literally use any veggies that you have in the fridge that are on the turn…other ideas with flavours that work really well:

  • Carrot with orange and fennel seeds
  • Roasted mediterrenean vegetable soup
  • Cucumber and mint cold soup

What interesting recipes can you come up with? I’d love for you all to share some creative ideas on here to minimise waste!

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Alison Hames

Alison Hames

I’ve never been one to conform; where other people ‘zig’ – I’ll always ‘zagged’, and in a world where doing the ‘right thing’ is rewarded, life has sometimes been tricky. What I guess I’ve learnt, 3 years on from my trip of a lifetime, is that contentment is a state of mind, it doesn’t come from where you are in the world or your social status, it comes from doing what makes you happy and what makes you feel passionate. This is what I plan on focusing on going forward and I’m excited to share my journey with you all as I go on it!

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