Life Reinvented

Today I’d like you to learn more about yourself and how unique you are.

Please watch the video above to gain some perspective on thoughts, dispositions, and cultural context. 

Start to write down ways that you are unique – whether you think these are positive or negative.

So with these definitions and tools I hope you got a snippet of how you can start to investigate how you go about seeing life in your unique lens. How you make decisions based on this lens, and then once you learn more about your unique lens – can you start to shift your mindset to pursue actions that will lead to different results? It’s up to you and your discoveries.

Your mantra today might be:

I am unique, I am special, I am me.

Next week we will talk about Emotional Intelligence. Please feel free to share this with others and if you need any support in reinventing yourself – please reach out to me.

Have a beautiful and unique day.

Take your 16 Personalities Test by clicking the button below. 

Thoughts about your situtation

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The driving force behind is committed world nomad Angie Johnson. Her energy goes into creating opportunities for self-awareness and personal growth in everything she does. She uses her education and experience in psychology and coaching to develop tools for connecting mind, body, and total way of being to life purpose.

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