Embracing Chaos

I have been listening to a brilliant Spotify playlist every day: Daily Wellness. 

Daily Wellness sets up podcasts that are motivating and make me think. Some of them are meditations which are a wonderful way to stop what you’re doing and take some much needed deep breaths. Then they sprinkle in music. Win-Win. 

In this particular playlist a fantastic podcast came on about the chaos in life and how we approach it. I invite you to take listen and see what you think. I am very comfortable with chaos and I adapt very easily to the messy parts of life. And I notice that I can occasionally be a very untidy person. I fix things up but I don’t need to have that OCD order. The story told in this podcast is about learning to be comfortable with disorder. 

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The driving force behind AJ.life is committed world nomad Angie Johnson. Her energy goes into creating opportunities for self-awareness and personal growth in everything she does. She uses her education and experience in psychology and coaching to develop tools for connecting mind, body, and total way of being to life purpose.

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