An Activity to Enhance Self-Love on Valentine's Day

One thing is for sure – Valentine’s day is very much an American holiday. I’m sitting at a coffee shop and it’s just occurred to me that today is the universal day of love. Or the obligatory day to buy your significant other something to show you remembered. The only time I’m made aware of hearts and flowers is when I open my phone and look at my social feeds. It’s just another Monday here.
What do I do on Valentine’s Day? I totally immerse myself in self-care and adoration for those who I care deeply for. I send notes of acknowledgement, maybe some cute GIFS to my gal pals. I post socially about words and images that inspire this emotion.
Such as the Greek word AGAPE – which means unconditional love, or the highest form of love. Agape in the english language is defined as -wide open, especially with surprise or wonder. I also like this definition when applied to curiosity of love. There’s a lot of love to go around and I’m not closed off to any of it. I just don’t need it to be thrown in my face once a year with red and pink bursts of advertising.

Action for the day: 

Today I encourage you to write a love letter to yourself. Tell yourself all the ways you are enough, how you deserve all the love in the world, ways love manifests in your life – maybe put on some sappy love music to get in the writing mood.

Be kind, love hard. Always.



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