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My name is Angie Johnson and I’m the driving force behind AJ.life. My energy goes into creating opportunities for self-awareness and personal growth in everything I do. 

I use my education and experience in psychology and coaching to develop tools for connecting mind, body, and a total way of being to explore life’s purpose from a new viewpoint. 

About AJ 3

Raised in a small town in the USA, I studied psychology and business at Penn State University, moved to Colorado to find the mountains, then to Australia to follow love, and then found myself stateside again in the hustle and bustle of New York City in 2016. I’ve had many different careers in different cities and practiced as a life and business coach through all of the cultural shifts. Ethnology is at the center of my universe and what I bring into coaching and wellbeing. 

Drawing on my experience from a variety of lives lived – the cheerleader, the project manager, the art therapist – and be it in the boardroom, the yoga studio, or basking in the warm glow of the Mediterranean sun, I bring my unique perspective to all those who are searching for more from life, but don’t know where to look.

Journey to AJ.Life

Prior to setting up AJ Life, I was working in Manhattan (complete with healthcare plan and view of the Empire State Building) but felt something wasn’t right. Immersing myself in my yoga practice and side-hustle as an art therapist, I hoped I would settle into a life that everyone around me thought was perfect. (Spoiler alert. I didn’t.)

About AJ 4

I unexpectedly found myself in Turkey – totally outside of my comfort zone but immersed in a very unique energy. I was overwhelmed with a need to change things up. 

I started to envision my dream passion project: online wellness coaching and unique, experiential sessions in an “out of your comfort zone” setting. Out of a desire to live MY WAY – without rules and by engaging all the senses – I travel and work online to help people from all over the world. 


I went to that big ol’ university called LIFE….nah just kidding. I went to a proper one and got a psychology degree and for the last 15 years focused on Ethnology (cultural comparisons and analysis of different peoples and the relationships between them) Which is why I moved around so much!

Yoga Instructor Certification 200H

YTT Yoga Alliance (in progress)

Art Therapy Life Coach Certification

(Transformation Services, Inc, 2018)​

Grief Counselling Certification

(Paradise Kids Grief Counselling Service, 2015)

Kids Yoga Certification

(GoGo Kids Yoga, 2019)

Bachelor of Science - Psychology and Business

(Penn State University, 2005)

Teaching English As a Foreign Language

(TEFL Fullcircle Certificate, 2019)

8 little things to you should know about me


I moved from New York to the Mediterranean Sea. Just because.


Moved to a Greek Island for a summer to run yoga workshops.


Ran her first retreat in the Australian bush. With big spiders and everything.


Speaks to 20 people a day in multiple countries. To coach and teach English.


Can fall asleep anywhere. It’s my superpower.


Was once married. And then braved the NYC dating scene.


Will book a flight on a whim to anywhere.


Was a competitive cheerleader. #goPSU