Monique Angelique Rodgers

Monique Angelique Rodgers, 28, Movement and Mindfulness Teacher. I was born into and raised by a boisterous Indian family on the tip of the African continent. I decided to study French and Film at University. My somewhat curious Bachelor of Arts degree was supported and even encouraged, by my queen of a mother, the being of light and grace that she is. I lived between France, Ireland and South Africa for 5 years post-graduation. Countries who have, through their landscapes, cultures, communities and histories - woken me up, disciplined me and loved me.I’m currently living in London with my boyfriend, his mum and her 4 cats. I have a deep love for colour, sunrises, wild swimming, and afternoon naps.

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Monique Angelique Rodgers

The Art of Making Wishes

The Art of Making Wishes Birthday candles and shooting stars. This is the remarkably brief summary of what we wish upon. I took this as

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