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Meditate Your Way: Tips For Beginners

Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated. The most important things to remember is you’re trying to create a space for you to notice, let go and be at peace. Here’s how I make my space my own.

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Lockdown Measures in Greece

In Greece, “lockdown” is what we’re calling it but it doesn’t exactly paint the picture of what’s really happening here since we certainly aren’t locked inside our houses. However, there are some regulations we have to follow that may seem extreme to some.

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Deserted NYC

Times are Changing

A blog entry that was never published on March 10, 2020. What was to become of NYC was unthinkable. Covid-19 was most definitely already there when I wrote this sitting in Manhattan. Times were already changing. No one could have predicted how much.

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8 weeks alcohol free

What happens when you ditch alcohol for an extended period of time? You may not realize how it’s affecting you until you start feeling the benefits.

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