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Quarantine Coaching

Sessions for Adaptability, Coping, and Support

The Nitty Gritty

Session Details

Coaching can help you in a variety of ways, you just need to show up.

Goals and Vision

After a first consultation we work to get your transformation in front of you so you have a clear path to follow.

Self Love & Relationships

You have to love yourself and what you value. Otherwise - who are you doing it for?

Body & Emotions

Noticing how the mind and body are connected to every decision you make.


Check in with your habits - what's working and not working?


Creating non-negotiables and holding yourself accountable to actionable change.


Ensuring your goals, emotions, body and environment are all working together.

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Intro Session

$ 0 30-45 minute video Call

Pay as you go Sessions

Cost per Session
$ 90 One time Paycment

How do I start?

(Hint – it’s easy!)

If you feel you’re ready to work on ANY transformation needed to start the decade with a plan and an accountability partner to help you get there – it’s simple. BUT – you have to be willing to answer tough questions, get real with yourself, and make an effort to make different choices and see your surroundings (& therefore YOU) in a new way. 

Sessions are held weekly over VIDEO CHAT. Why? So that I can see your lovely face but more importantly, that connection of body language and voice is essential for being present – for both the coach and coachee. 

Schedule a first consultation for FREE

I would love nothing more than to meet my clients in person; but with the invention of video chat we are able to conduct sessions from anywhere. So you can sit in your PJ’s and chat with me while I’m halfway around the world. These conversations are about building a relationship with yourself and my job and pleasure of being your personal coach is to help you see what you cannot.

So the first step is getting to know one another and taking it into sessions that work with your goals and timeframe. 

It Starts with a conversation & Trust

Are you ready?

What do people say?

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