Transformation Experiences

Wellness Coaching and Retreats provides coaching sessions and cultural resources to transform your perspective on life and give you tools for actionable changes.

Quarantine Coaching Sessions

The world has changed and if you're struggling to adapt, now is a perfect time to reflect, set goals and make an action plan. Join me for guided weekly sessions based on certain transformation topics we explore together.

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9 Powerful Ways to Get a Grip on Anger

The temperature of the world seems to have escalated and I don’t think I’m the only one who’s feeling it. 2020 has tested our values, roles, patience, and our ability to control our anger and frustration about how the world has suddenly changed. Here are 9 powerful ways to get a grip on your anger.

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Coaching Sessions

Psychology and Goal Setting to tackle various transitions in life that you need help with. Accountability and Trust are the the core of these sessions. 

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World Perspectives

Articles and resources gathered from various authors that give perspectives from a cultural vantage point. Escape your ethnic bubble and explore alternate ways of living. 

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English Teaching

English conversations for intermediate to advanced speakers who would like to develop vocabulary for social and business interactions. 

“I’m an open minded and inquisitive person. My passion is active listening and being curious. Wellness coaching is about being a guide and creating space for an open conversation free of judgement or condescension.”