Self Discovery + Transformation

At, we have created a new kind of wellness retreat that is as far from rigid yoga schedules, detox diets and green juices as you can get. They are about getting out of your own way. 

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Transformation retreats are about the embracing the power of simple pleasures – great food, inspiring cultures, exploration and creativity. And although we love a bit of vinyasa flow to start the day, these retreats are more than that. They are about enjoying life, reflection, laughing and finding courage through getting out of your comfort zone. 

A retreat experience that lets you be supported, make friends, but also time with yourself. A mix of adventure, exploration and relaxation opportunities create the perfect personal vacation for body and mind.

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Why Retreat?

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Delicious Food/Drink

Cultural Experiences

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Art Therapy

Yoga and Meditation


Life Coaching

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Actions and Goal Planning

Freedom and Flexibility

Get out of your comfort zone








2022 Retreats

“After traveling the world, experiencing different cultures and meeting people from all kinds of places, I had the idea to bring the essence of these experiences to a wellness retreat that’s a journey of self-exploration. I want to create opportunities for people to reflect, be true to who they are, connect with others, feel nourished and unrestricted.”
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Angie Johnson