What is Transformative Coaching

Angie offers both in person and online/phone coaching using the Ontological approaches and  Integrative Wellness Model. This model is a unique framework of mental health principles, that when applied correctly, will facilitate profound change, enabling you to flourish and experience a state of self-actualization.

She incorporates art therapy and yoga as needed for clients who may have difficulty tapping into the subconscious. 



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Coaching is about working with you to create a goal-oriented plan, tap into your inner strength and encourage healthy thought processes.

Angie is available for face to face sessions and video chat. She would love to be with everyone in person but understands that using technology is a way to have more impact. She has a mixed coaching style that borrows from both traditional psychology and holistic practices to connect the mind and body. 

AJ.life Transformative Coaching uses Ontological and Integrated Wellness Models - combining six key practice

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Short-term, goal-oriented therapy to support changes in patterns of thinking and behaviour.

Positive Psychology

Understanding and applying the science of Human Flourishing.

Art Therapy

Using artistic and creative expression as a way to manage stress and support personal development.

Neuro Linguist Programming

A method of influencing the brain's reaction to stimulus through the use of language.

Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy

Supporting us how to examine and challenge unhelpful thinking and self-sabotaging behaviours.

Ontological Coaching

Providing supportive guidance that focuses on connection of body, emotions and language; asking powerful questions to overcome life's challenges.

“An open mind and a willingness to rethink the way in which you view yourself, others and the world is what is required for you to gain maximum benefit from online life coaching or in person through a retreat experience.”

Coaching is effective for a range of emotional issues as well as personal development and overall well-being

These include:

Transformative Coaching

Online Session

With the world turned upside down, now is the time to reflect and discover your priorities and goals. We have a gift of time and it’s up to you to use it wisely. 

“Don’t get drawn into the idea that you need to create a new version of yourself. All we need to do is figure out how to celebrate the perfectly imperfect version that already exists, and make it work for us.”
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Angie Johnson


It all starts with a conversation.
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