Phases of Experiential Transformation has developed 4 phases of transformation when it comes to getting into a life changing shift. Travel by yourself (or with me) takes building trust on multiple levels. So these phases are important for building up to travel and taking away exactly what you need to make your life back in your world significantly different. 

Transformative Travel 1

The Foundation

Prospective travelers need to set up a foundation of trust through 1 hour coaching sessions in the introductory phase. These sessions are designed to be a safe place to explore your goals, get to know one another, and develop a plan to see what will be the best destination for transformation. The number and frequency of sessions will be determined at this time and will usually depend on the date of travel. 

The Compass Plan

The next phase is the compass phase. Once we go through a particular set of sessions and get a clear picture of how to get you out of your bubble, the planning begins! We will go through your budget, actionable goals and retainable results for a complete itinerary and set date of travel.

The Travel

This is the fun part! We get you out of your comfort zone and into a 5-10 day epic transformation challenge. Embark on a supported journey of amazing cultural awareness, mindful eating and drinking, adventure scavenger hunts, journaling and reflection, relaxation, and daily coaching conversations. You’ll have just the right amount of alone time to feel fully present. There are levels of comfort to explore – phone/video support while you travel or meeting me at a destination. All would depend on your comfort level and budget. 

The Takaways

Once your Solo Travel Transformation is complete you will have developed a mindset set of tools to take home with you. You will be completely supported during this phase. We will have followup sessions to continue the journey of cultural immersion and bring your experiences into a way of life that is forever changed. 

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